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Here are two RL02 disk images containing a bootable Ultrix-3.1 installation,
from Bill Gunshannon ( He writes:

Install root.dsk as RL0 and user1.dsk as RL1 and boot RL0.

I built the disk images on a MicroPDP-11/23. Configuration:

                CPU 11/23+
                Memory 3072K
                2 RL02 disks
                1 TS11 tape

Apparently, this means more to the Ultrix than to something like
RT11.  Using the Supnik emulator, I was unable to build a kernel
and even vi core dumps.  But then, I am not really sure just what
the Supnik emulator is emulating.  Could it perhaps be emulating
a UNIBUS box and the fact that I do not have support for the map
be a problem??  We'll see eventually, I'm sure.

I tried the demo version of E11 but it lacks sufficient memory
for this to do anything. No vi (just says :too big"), no sysgen
(just hangs). I still haven't been able to get into the Begemot
site, so I don't know if it will work with their emulator or not.

[ I have got these images to work with Bob Supnik's 2.3d simulator
  using this configuration file:

  set cpu 18b
  att rl0 /usr/tmp/root.dsk
  att rl1 /usr/tmp/user1.dsk
  boot rl

  There is no root password.		- Warren ]